Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce

Kennebec Leadership Institute

Sponsored By:

The Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce and The University of Maine at Augusta, Division of Continuing Education

KLI 2014 Corporate Sponsors:

Kennebec Savings Bank: Your community bank since 1870. Member FDIC Anthem BlueCross & BlueShield

The Need

The direction that we as a community take in the coming years is largely dependent upon the knowledge, awareness and abilities of our future community leaders. As our society grows increasingly complex, the need for development of well-rounded professionals with practical leadership tools and skills becomes essential. This is especially true now in the Kennebec Valley.

Rep. Matt Pouliot, KLI Class XXV
Graduated KLI 2011, Elected to ME House of Representatives, 2012

The Solution

  • Provide information on the diversity, uniqueness, resources and concerns of the Kennebec Valley.
  • Promote advanced leadership development through interactive sessions with problems, procedures and persons involved in conducting private and public business.
  • Motivate participants to assume responsible positions in business, civic and citizen organizations.
  • Establish a network of capable leaders from which to draw as new challenges and opportunities present themselves in the changing business and community life of the Kennebec Valley.

What Is Kennebec Leadership Institute?

The concept of a leadership program is to assure a continuing flow of able, vigorous and resourceful leaders in the Kennebec Valley area. As the oldest such leadership program in the state, the Kennebec Leadership Institute (KLI) draws prospective leaders from a cross-section of businesses, organizations and the community at large. Its purpose is to stimulate these promising individuals to work more effectively within their own spheres of interest and influence and to expand their civic and community participation. KLI seeks to foster a network of leaders who are committed to understanding and improving the Kennebec Valley. Past graduates have successfully run for office, been promoted within their companies, sat on boards of directors throughout the community; and chaired various civic and community groups. KLI is an intensive, three-month (80 hour) training program that requires 100% commitment from its participants. It is designed to give participants the knowledge and skills necessary to become more effective community leaders. KLI is co-sponsored by the Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce and the University of Maine at Augusta.

Who Should Participate?

Any Kennebec Valley resident, or one who works in the Kennebec Valley, with a demonstrated interest in community betterment is invited to apply. You need not already be in a leadership position; the only requirement is a sincere interest in improving yourself and becoming a more active participant in the future of the Kennebec Valley.

KLI Class XXIV 2010, Graduation

Program Content

Roger Audette, KLI Class XX
Chief, Augusta Fire Department

Skill Building:

  • Styles of Leadership
  • Communication Skills - Listening & Understanding - Self-Expression - Influencing & Persuasion
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Negotiation
  • Problem Solving
  • Team Building
  • Running Effective Meetings
  • Goal Setting and Action Planning

Kennebec Valley Issues:

Taught in eight evening sessions.

  • History, Demographics & Economic Base (2/4/2015)
  • Government - Local & State (2/18/2015)
  • Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness (2/25/2015)
  • Education (TUESDAY, 3/10/2015)
  • Post Secondary Education (3/18/2015)
  • Economic Development (4/1/2015)
  • KV Downtowns - Past, Present & Future (4/8/2015)
  • Service Organizations & Community Involvement - Culture & the Arts (4/22/2015)

The Program

  • Leadership Skill Building: Two weekends (opening & closing) and four full-day sessions that focus on building participant's leadership skills and talents.
  • Kennebec Valley Issues: A series of eight evening panel discussions with top business and community leaders, each focusing on a specific topic or aspect of life and work in the Kennebec Valley.
  • Leadership Experiences: Four in-depth sessions with selected community leaders that provide the opportunity to get to know them as people as well as leaders, expose you to the intricacies of their styles, practices, experiences, and perspectives on the Kennebec Valley.

2015 Program Information:

When: January 31 May 6, 2015. The Institute includes two weekends, four full-day sessions, and eight evening classes. This 80-hour program is worth 8 CEU Credits. The University of Maine at Augusta will award credit for SSC 317 Leadership Seminar upon upon paid university registration and documented completion of the Kennebec Leadership Program.

Honoring our leaders @ KLI 25th Anniversary celebration! Leadership Speaker Mark Johnston, President, Kennebec Savings Bank; Longtime Education (K-12) panelist: Pia Holmes, Principal, Manchester Elementary: KLI Facilitator, Steve Pecukonis, Classes I-XXVIII. and Opening Weekend Leadership Speaker Wayne Mitchell, President & Owner, ProdComm

Concepts of Leadership:
OPENING WEEKEND - January 31 and February 1 (overnight)

Leadership Skills & Training:
DAY-LONG SESSIONS - Four Wednesdays (8:00 AM 5:00 PM): February 11, March 4 & 25 and April 15

Kennebec Valley Issues:
EVENING SESSIONS - Seven Wednesdays and one Tuesday (6:00 9:00 PM): February 4, 18 & 25; March 10 (TUESDAY) & 18; April 1, 8 & 22 (April 30 = extra for snow date)

Putting It All Together/Where Do We Go From Here?
CLOSING WEEKEND - May 2 - 4 (overnight)

Graduation Date:
Wednesday, May 6 (breakfast)

How Much Does It Cost?

Tuition is $1400. The Kennebec Leadership Institute may have partial scholarships available - call the Chamber of Commerce for details.

How Can I Apply?

Submit completed application to The Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce, PO Box 676, Augusta ME 04332-0676. Review of applications begins in August. A screening committee will interview finalists. Click Here for our application form in PDF Format.

Contact Information

The Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 676
Augusta ME 04332-0676
(207) 623-4559