Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce

Cities and Towns


Located on both sides of the Kennebec River, Augusta is the center of employment, commerce and service for Central Maine and is the seat of state and county government. Augusta is a one-hour drive from Portland, less than three hours drive from Boston. While the City's population is only 18,500, the City is the service center to a large area of some 70,000 people - and more recently a retail shopping mecca for a population of some 250,000. Click here to read more...


Gardiner is a vibrant river front city featuring historical homes, a downtown with a new look, and a fast-expanding business/industrial park. This City, which celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2003, boasts more buildings on the historic register than any other city in the area. Old homes are located in beautiful neighborhoods and reflect the wonderful quality of life that Gardiner has to offer. A special treat is the Oakland's Mansion, built in 1836 as the home of descendants of Dr. Slyvester Gardiner, founder of the City. Two American Presidents have stayed at the mansion. Click here to read more...


Settled in about 1762. Although once a granite and lumbering community, the Hallowell of today features many delightful and interesting antique and specialty shops in the downtown business district. The small city is classified as a National Historic District. Click here to read more...


Winthrop, a long-time vacation destination for many, can boast of 12 lakes and ponds within its township. But don't be fooled into thinking that this is a sleepy little vacation community and nothing more! Click here to read more...

Community Statistics

Below you will find a list of the Cities and Towns in the Kennebec Valley region, along with their populations (as of the 2000 US Census) and municipal office numbers.

CityPopulationPhone Number
Augusta18,618(207) 626-2300Website
Belgrade3,000(207) 495-2258Website
Chelsea2,600(207) 582-4802
Dresden1,500(207) 737-4335
Farmingdale2,700(207) 582-2225
Fayette1,040(207) 685-4373Website
Gardiner6,209(207) 582-4200Website
Hallowell2,534(207) 623-4021Website
Litchfield3,200(207) 268-4721Website
Manchester2,465(207) 622-1894
Monmouth3,850(207) 933-2206Website
Mount Vernon1,646(207) 293-2379Website
Pittston2,575(207) 582-4438
Randolph1,981(207) 582-5808Website
Readfield2,400(207) 685-4939
Richmond3,400(207) 737-4305Website
Somerville494(207) 549-3828
Wayne1,112(207) 685-4983Website
West Gardiner2,925(207) 724-3945
Whitefield2,273(207) 549-5175
Windsor2,300(207) 445-2998
Winthrop6,200(207) 377-7200Website