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Other News - Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce

State launches business help site

State Launches New Web Portal - Aimed at Cutting Red Tape

Maine's economic development agency has launched a new Web portal aimed at cutting red tape for new businesses registering with the state.
The Maine Department of Economic and Community Development on Wednesday announced the upgrade, which DECD Commissioner George Gervais said is the first in a series of changes to the state's "Business Answers" Web portal.

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High-tech Manufacturing Thrives in Maine Capital

High-tech Manufacturing Thrives in Maine Capital
The City of Augusta is not the high-tech manufacturing capital of the universe… yet. Well, true, it may never be. But, the Pine Tree State Capital is seeing some significant transition in the area of manufacturing.
            We’ve lamented the loss in the past few decades of our labor intensive factories that produced huge quantities of paper, shoes and textiles. And, yet, we’ve seen a positive transition in the city with the advent of more service industries, large and growing distributors and a flourishing growth of retail trade which now serves a market nearly 20 times the size of Augusta’s population.

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Mercury Thermostat Mail-Back Program - $5 Rebate for Mercury Thermostats

Maine residents can now receive $5 for each mercury-containing thermostat they return for recycling to the TRC - Thermostat Recycling Corporation. The rebate process is easy. Homeowners can order a TRC mailing label and shipping instructions by sending an email request to or by calling 1-800-238-8192. After the thermostat is received, the homeowner gets a $5 check in the mail.

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