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Job Description

Snow Pond Center for the Arts is interested in hiring a Groundskeeper who will be able to provide professional landscaping services for our entire facility. The Groundskeeper will be responsible for performing ongoing landscaping tasks, as well as routine maintenance of all landscaping equipment. Snow Pond has several flower gardens on the property and large patio areas that require regular maintenance. In addition, there are several spaces where Snow Pond needs to add soft or hardscape spaces. If you have experience in landscaping and a strong attention to detail, you may be the perfect fit for this job.Groundskeeper Manager responsibilities and duties

  • Mow the lawns, prune the bushes and trees, edge the walkways and give the grounds a manicured look
  • Take on special landscaping or planting projects as deemed necessary by the property manager
  • Collaborate with maintenance team to make sure the grounds and the building are always properly cared for
  • Perform regular maintenance and minor repairs on the lawn care equipment and tools
  • General carpentry or painting experience a plus
  • Drive company vehicles as directed
  • Operate various types of equipment and machinery associated with this job description
  • Design or horticultural background a plus
  • Landscape repairs, restoration, and remediation

Winter Season Operations

  • Plow snow using trucks or loaders
  • Shovel snow using hand shovels or snow blowers
  • Operate snow removal equipment during the winter to keep all of the walkways and building entrances cleared and safe

Crew Supervision - Manages a crew of four.

Job Type: Full-time