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As big of a deal as hunting is in Maine, many folks in the public have never really been told just how important it is to jobs, wages and the tax base. That has begun to change with the efforts of Hunting Works for Maine, a collation of businesses and organizations formed in 2015 to educate the public about the value of hunting.

Using a grassroots strategy to spread the word, Hunting Works for Maine has already grown to more than 100 members in just eighteen months! While members include business associations including the Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce, it also includes tourism associations and other businesses such as hotels, restaurants and many others.

The impressive list of partners can be found at The purpose of the organization is to bring attention to hunting’s impact on everyday life in Maine, from jobs at the local diner, to salaries paid at a tire dealer. From local taxes from hotel stays to groceries near a local hunting lodge.

Led by four volunteer co-chairs, Hunting Works for Maine was launched in Augusta in July of 2015. It has held two annual meetings for members in Skowhegan, visited with media and businesses across Maine, and held regional meetings for businesses in Augusta, Millinocket, and Scarborough. Co-chairs included Subway Franchisee Representative Gary Hilliard, Scotts Turf Franchisee Representative Peter Lyford, Northwoods Sporting Journal publisher Paul Reynolds, and local grocer and retailer Clay Tranten.

Hunting is responsible for a total of $363 Million to Maine’s economy annually. This includes $120 million in salaries and wages and 4,000 jobs.

Hunting Works for Maine will continue to grow its grassroots base in 2017 to ensure the economic message is able to reach every region of the state so that all Mainers know how important hunting is to their communities, whether they hunt or not. More information can be found at, or can be obtained by emailing .