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The Kennebec Valley Tourism Council Awards $1,785 in Sponsorship Support to the Maine Film Center

The Kennebec Valley Tourism Council (KVTC) has awarded Sponsorship Support funds in the amount of $1,785 to the Maine Film Center for the 22nd Maine International Film Festival. This funding will assist in the growth of tourism in Maine’s Kennebec Valley and produce a positive economic impact on the region.

Maine Film Center was one of eight sponsorship recipients awarded as part of the 2019 KVTC marketing partnership program. In total, the 2019 KVTC Sponsorship Support application requests reached nearly $20,000. The organization was able to award $15,000 in local regional sponsorships to its members this year, with plans to increase funding for sponsorships in 2020 to member organizations located within Maine’s Kennebec and Somerset counties who are helping KVTC promote the Maine’s Kennebec Valley Region as a destination place within their own marketing initiatives.

“We’re honored to receive the support of the Kennebec Valley Tourism Council in support of the Maine International Film Festival,” says festival director Mike Perreault. “As the largest film event in northern New England, we’re passionate about sharing 100 films from around the world and providing audiences, who visit our area from all over, the opportunity to connect with film makers and discover new stories throughout ten exciting days in Waterville.”

“Supporting local organizations and events, particularly new events and destinations that are just getting off the ground, is a major focus of our regional marketing grant program. Our preference is to fund new events, however, events with significant tourism turnout/impact are also given substantial consideration” says Tanya Griffeth, executive director of the KVTC. “These funds are dedicated to support marketing efforts in some of the more rural areas in Maine. While established events can rely on word-of-mouth and brand awareness to help drive attendance, new events and destinations have quite a bit of ground to cover to pull visitors from neighboring regions. These sponsorships help provide funding for key marketing elements including advertising, printing, branding and more. This allows organizers to focus their often-limited funding on building the foundations of their programs versus stretching their resources too thin in the early stages of event and destination development.”

About the Maine International Film Festival
The 22nd annual Maine International Film Festival will be held in Waterville, Maine from July 12 through 21, 2019 at Railroad Square Cinema and the Waterville Opera House. During the 10 days of the festival, MIFF features nearly 100 films, representing the best of American and International independent cinema and spotlighting some of Maine and New England’s most innovative filmmakers. The full MIFF schedule will be available at as the Festival nears. The Maine International Film Festival is a project of the Maine Film Center, whose mission is to enrich, educate and entertain the community through film and art.

About the Maine Film Center
The Maine Film Center (MFC) brings independent film to Waterville through the nationally recognized Maine International Film Festival, an annual 10-day event that attracts filmmakers and film aficionados worldwide; Railroad Square Cinema, the only Sundance Art House cinema in Maine; and by hosting world-class exhibitions and educational opportunities. MFC inspires an appreciation for the art of film, and, as part of the artistic community, works to make Waterville a sought-after arts destination. MFC firmly believes that art and culture have the power to enrich lives, strengthen community bonds, and act as an economic engine. Its mission is to educate, entertain, and build community through film and art.

About the Kennebec Valley Tourism Council
The Kennebec Valley Tourism Council (KVTC) is a 501(C)6 nonprofit group organized to manage the Maine Tourism Marketing Partnership Program (MTMPP) grant issued by the Maine Office of Tourism and the state of Maine to each of the eight Maine tourism regions. Funds from the MTMPP regional grant are allocated for use in the promotion of tourism in each of the eight tourism regions of Maine. The KVTC board undertakes activities to promote tourism in Maine's Kennebec Valley generate a positive economic impact for the region. KVTC is primarily funded by the MTMPP grant however, in order to receive the grant, KVTC must also contribute funds. We accomplish this by membership dues, advertising revenue and county contributions.

About the Kennebec Valley Region
Named for the Kennebec River that runs down the center of the region, the Kennebec Valley is one of the eight Maine tourism regions and includes the cities and towns contained in both Kennebec and Somerset counties. The region contains Maine's capital city of Augusta, Gardiner, Hallowell, Waterville, Skowhegan and Jackman as well as the recreational resort communities near Monmouth, Belgrade, and The Forks. It also contains a few outlying towns including Rockwood-on-Moosehead, China, and Pittsfield. To learn more, visit