Maine's Capital Area

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Automobile Registration

Mailing address: Secretary of State, Motor Vehicle Division, State House Station 29, Augusta, Maine 04333-0029.

Phone: (207) 624-9000.

Location: 19 Anthony Avenue, Augusta, Maine.

Child Care

Many excellent child-care services are available in the Capital Area. Day care centers, private homes, nursery school programs and after school child care programs are available. Southern Kennebec Child Development Corporation in Augusta is a source of information for parents, employers and providers seeking child-care information. Phone: (207) 626-3410 or 1-800-525-2229.


The weather of the area is in four distinct seasons, but without the severe snowfalls and cold of the northern regions. Since Augusta is at head tide in the Kennebec River it is considered coastal, but it lacks the heavy fogs of the seashore towns. The summer heat is comfortably tempered, but a few days occur with maximums reaching as high as 90 degrees. Mid-summer afternoon temperatures are in the ideal range of 75 to 80 degrees on an average day, with the nighttime minimum average in the upper 50's. Uncomfortably hot and humid nights are relatively few. Winters are moderately cold, with a mean temperature of 23 degrees for the three months of December, January and February. Readings of zero or lower are recorded on an average of 13 days per winter.

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Getting together with people who share your interests is an important part of life in the Capital Area. Most national service and social organizations can be found here. For a complete list of clubs and organizations please contact the Chamber.


Housing in the Capital Area is available to suit every taste and need. Average sales price of single family homes in Kennebec County in 2018 was $167,700 although the range of homes can extend to luxury homes on beautiful lakeside settings. Homes for the most part are located on heavily vegetated lots whether in the urban areas or in nearby country settings. Apartments are available in the area at reasonable prices, and a number of senior and assisted-living homes are also available. Please see our membership directory for a full listing of real estate agencies and professionals.


The Kennebec Journal serves the region as the primary daily newspaper. Several local radio stations are operated by Blueberry Broadcasting: Town Square Media and Mountain Wireless. Time Warner Cable provides cable television, phone and internet services to the Capital Area. Network service is available via stations WCSH-TV, WGME-TV, WMTW-TV, and WABI-TV located in Bangor, Lewiston/Auburn and Portland, Maine.

Senior Citizen Assistance

General information is available from the Bureau of Elder & Adult Services, State House Station 11, Augusta, Maine 04333 Phone: (207) 287-9200 or 1 800-262-2232 or call Senior Spectrum, One Weston Court, Augusta, Maine 04330, Phone: (207) 622-9212 or 1-800-639-1553.


The tax structure of Maine is comprised of state and local taxes. The state collects retail sales and use taxes, income taxes and business related taxes. At the local level, real estate, personal property and excise taxes are collected. Additional detailed information may be obtained from municipal offices or from the Maine Revenue Services, State House Station 24, Augusta, Maine 04333-0024. Phone: (207) 287-2076


Augusta Natural Gas, Maine Natural Gas, and Summit Natural Gas of Maine all deliver natural gas to industrial, commercial, and residential customers in the capital area. Central Maine Power Company provides the area with electric service. Consolidated Communications is the primary provider of landline telephone service, although several other companies, including Oxford Networks, also serve the area. Cell phone companies include U. S. Cellular, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile. Spectrum provides the region with cable television, high speed internet, and digital phone service. Redzone Wireless offers high speed broadband internet to Augusta and Manchester. The Capital Area is served by a number of gas and oil dealers. 

The availability of municipal water and sewer systems varies from community to community.

Welcoming/Greeting Service

If you are new to the Kennebec Valley and would like information on the area, please visit the Kennebec Valley Chamber’s office for more information.

Welcome Wagon, founded in 1928, welcomes you to your new home by providing you with the information of the many local businesses and services that will benefit you as you settle into your new home and community. Visit to connect with local businesses and enjoy great deals!