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Happy Fall!

As we are coming into cold weather, it is important to boost immunity to ward off illness. 

Did you know that swallowing vitamins only absorb approximately 30-60% as everyone is different.

Did you know that we offer injections that are quick and relatively painless that bypass your gut and are 90+ % absorbed. 

All injections are only $30 with the exception of Glutathione $45

Get one or more!

We have.....

Vitamin D3- Bones and Mood

Vitamin C- Immunity and Healing

Vitamin B-12- Energy

Vita Complex (B family)- More Energy, Mood

Biotin- Hair and Nails 

Glutathione- Tissue Repair, Anti-Inflammatory, May Assist with Night Sweats

Amino Blend- Performance and Recovery

Toradol- Anti-Inflammatory

Zofran- Nausea


Come in or call for a friendly consultation if you are unsure. 

We are open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 

Have an amazing day. 

IV HydraLounge

198 Western Avenue Suite 10

Augusta, ME  04330

(207) 931-7253