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Happy October,

IV HydraLounge is located in two locations - 198 Western Avenue Augusta behind Bagel Mania and 350 Kennedy Memorial Drive in the Emery's Meats and Subway mini mall. 

We are offering FREE B12 injections for the month of October. 

If you are lacking energy or would like mental clarity, this is for you. 

1000 MCG of B12 is a supplement and assists in the natural production of red blood cells which in turn provides energy. 


Ten Benefits of Taking Vitamin B12 Injections
  • Can improve Metabolism and Supports Weight Loss. 
  • Helps Against Anxiety and Depression. 
  • Increases Red Blood Cells. 
  • Healthier Hair, Skin, and Nails. 
  • Slows Down Memory Loss
  • Strengthens Immune System. 
  • Promotes Eye Health. 
  • A Pregnancy Aid.

We are run my a medical Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, DNP RN and many Registered Nurses with many years of IV experience. 

Come visit, call, or view our website at


See you soon!

IV HydraLounge